Other Products
To bring you the most satisfying, traditional experience when drinking your Yerba Mate we have a variety of other products listed below. If you don’t see anything that catches your eye, send us an email, and we can see about placing a special order for your perfect setup.
See our gourds.
Yerba Mate is traditionally made in a gourd. Drinkers fill their gourds with leaves, and pour water over it to brew the drink. Simply put your bombilla in and drink up! Here at The Mate exchange we sell carved gourds and leather wrapped gourds made by locals in Uruguay, and ceramic gourds made right here in Colorado. You can learn how to use your gourd with the instructional video on the YouTube channel.

See our bombillas.
Around the world tea bags and tea balls have been used to separate the leaves out of the tea. However, the bags can dampen the flavor, and tea balls are clunky and have to be refilled after nearly every brew. The bombilla fixes both of these problems. A bombilla is a simple straw with a closed head at one end. The head is perforated like a tea ball to keep all the leaves out. This makes it easy to use, versatile, and easy to clean, all while preserving the flavor of the tea. Pick yours up today in our shop!
New Products
We are about to receive a new batch of containers perfect for taking your Yerba Mate with you, as well as some new bombilla varieties. Check back soon for more details on these products.